Beer Pong: America’s drinking game

Beer Pong: America’s drinking game.  We have all seen, been, or heard about a party where there was some beer pong going on.  It is nothing new that college kids love to play it.

Beer pong originated in the 1950’s at Dartmouth University, since then it has become the staple for college students all over America. (

The media present beer pong in many ways.  As college kids know it, it is just a game that allows them to compete, get drunk, and have the time of your life.  The older generation has a different view on the game.  From what they remember it was a time of getting drunk and being reckless.  I am not saying that you cannot do this while playing the game, but this is what the media has portray the game as.

Even with the bad name for beer pong it is still played all over America.  There is even a huge beer pong tournament that goes on January 1-5 out in Las Vegas, Nevada. (  Yes I said it, there is an actual tournament that you can get drunk at and win money at the same exact time so it is going to attract thousands of teams.

This is a video for professional beer pong tournaments in America.  Not only is it the symbol for beer pong it is a representation for a good time.  Of course we all know that when there is beer pong being played, there is going to be drinking of some sort.  College kids are always attracted to the next adventure in life and this video is going to make them want to go out and compete.

Every guy I have played beer pong with thinks he is the Magic Johnson of beer pong.  They are wrong.

The video is showing people what they have to look forward to during their time at the event.  I mean lets be honest, it does look rather fun.  So much fun that college students or others alike will jump to the opportunity to have fun and get away from the stress of the classroom.

The next thing about this video is the fact that there are beautiful girls there to look good.  I will be the first one on a plane to Las Vegas if there are beautiful women, let me tell you.  For a guy to play as good as he can he needs people to be watching him.  Girls give guys the edge they need to compete as they help with the confidence of the male race.

The next is beer.  What would beer pong be without the beer?  Water pong?  Beer just adds to the game in a way that allows for the players to get drunk but still try and keep their composure to play the game.

All together there are a lot of things that make me, and a lot of other people want to play beer pong.  Even if you are not a college student anymore this should not stop you from going out and having the time of your life and reliving those college days that you once had.

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